An initiative for smarter business

THIRTY4 has spent more than a decade helping companies do smarter business. We've learnt a lot about the challenges facing business today, and how technology can be leveraged in business systems to help with these challenges. Now we want to help more of our customers access and benefit from this knowledge through the creation of our first major initiative... FOUR.

FOUR brings together the team and tech developed by the THIRTY4 think-tank, with the mission of providing business systems that leverage technology appropriately and free humans to focus on the things that humans do best. These systems will tap into the powerful capabilities of the FOUR Platform to provide cost-effective and flexible solutions to common business challenges.

THIRTY4 will always exist as a think-tank, continuing to improve FOUR as well as developing other major initiatives and spreading disruption and usefulness wherever it can. FOUR will focus on providing the highest possible level of service to help make your business successful.

You can expect a number of exciting new FOUR services to be unveiled soon. In the meantime FOUR will continue to provide the unique combination of technology and expertise that THIRTY4 has leveraged on behalf of its customers since 2006.

The FOUR Team is very excited to be taking this leap, and looking forward to the new opportunities we will be able to offer our customers through FOUR.

If you have any questions, you can reach our team on 1300 12 34 34 or via e-mail


What you can expect

  • Our look-and-feel is being updated to reflect the new brand.
  • Our current team and services will not change, remaining available to existing customers.
  • We are adding exciting new capabilities to provide even more value.
  • An even better experience with greater results.
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